Paintings Human Chiffre

Painting comes as a calculated spontaneity of the intuitive
expression between abstract and figurative elements.
Reduced, coded, calligraphic picture contents which portray
different human facets. They invite the viewer to play
with associations.

The intended associations interpret human thinking and
behavior. Yet they remain partly mysterious due to the
‘human chiffre code’ in all of us.

They sometimes allow a subtle poetry. The associations
resemble a mirror image, which can be positive, amusing and
occasionally also provocative.

The content is often two- or more dimensional, ambiguous,
ironical or even bizarre. The titles underline the worlds shown
(e.g. Doggy Dog Days, Baby Ganz Doll, Silly Con Carne).

Stylistically, the paintings develop from a controlled explosion
of colors and combine elements of the comic culture, cartoon
and graffiti. The final expression is a surprisingly different.






















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